Homeostatic Control of Core Body Temperature

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  • An endotherm (from Greek ἔνδον endon within and θέρμη thermē heat) is an organism that maintains its body at a metabolically favorable temperature
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  • Most animals need to maintain their core body temperature within a relatively narrow range. Endotherms use internally generated heat
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2012. Web. 5 Jan. 2013. Offences Beneath Facts. Truth in Integrated Education. Truth in World Education, 17 Mar. 2013.

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  • (a) A negative feedback loop has four basic parts: A stimulus, sensor, control, and effector. (b) Body temperature is regulated by negative
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  • Core temperature is an internal condition of the body that must remain stable
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  • Most animals need to maintain their core body temperature within a relatively narrow range. Endotherms use internally generated heat
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