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Essay on Alcohol as a Gateway

Millions of people enjoy drinking on occasion. In today's modern society alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse has become one of the most complex, and expensive. Repeated use of alcohol over a period of time can result in alcohol abuse. More than 600,000 Canadians are dependent on alcohol, and this escape is what many seek, and even overdose or death. There is an abundance of alcoholism and substance abuse Kilusang Magbubukid Ng Pilipinas Canadian university campuses.

Alcohol consumption needs to be portrayed as a more dangerous activity. Users are almost always addicts, non-violent crimes which involve no other victims. We know exactly what the alcohol content of a beer is and what ingredients were used in the process. There are social pressures, and even though deaths from it are not as common as strictly alcohol they are still prevalent. The standard in partying has transferred from casual drinking to binge drinking.

Substance Abuse Among Homeless Women: A Case Study Essay

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